Capitalize on a Crisis

Despite the physical separation that has been forced on us at the moment, our ability to communicate with one another online remains available and – as it has always been – the key to securing your business’ future and enabling it to flourish when current restrictions are lifted.  Your guests will be hugely relieved to […]

Digital academy

Everything that can be digitalized, will be. Eric Schmidt, former Google CEO How to create tourist digital content? How to keep control of published content about my destination? How to get information about my destination to potential tourists – customers? The upcoming webinar about creating digital tourism content and optimizing SEO should answer your questions. […]

Nové – a testing platform for the distribution of digital content

Nové is a pilot project for testing and demonstrating the distribution of content processed in the open data format. In time of the corona crisis, access to the system is free for selected entities doing business in the field of tourism. If you are interested in participating in the pilot project, fill out this form […]

Foundation of DIH Tourism 4.0

What is DIH – Digital Innovation Hub The idea of Digital Innovation Hubs was developed in the framework of the long-term development of the concept of smart specialization and policy development of the unified digital Europe. As a tool, it is intended primarily to enable institutions and SMEs to respond to the rapid advent of […]