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Každý český turista se může stát globálním influencerem

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DIH Tourism 4.0

Digital Travel Industry Innovation Hub - DIH Tourism 4.0 provides a multidisciplinary platform of research institutions, governmental bodies, clusters and private companies focused on cooperation, information sharing, research and implementation of digital technologies in travel industry. The creation of this ecosystem is based on long-term strategic work of the international team of experts and evangelists who support private and public institutions in the transition processes of regions, public and private service providers and the whole travel industry towards the digital future.

The key features of the hub are its multidisciplinarity, a wide range of cooperating national and international, public and private institutions, as well as the possibility of utilising unique infrastructures. Partners involved in the operation of the hub retain experts dealing with the future of digital destination management and marketing and new digital technologies in the travel industry in general. We do study and explain the issues not only from a technical perspective, but also from a procedural, organizational, legal, economic or sociological point of view.

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