Tourism 4.0

The Transversality of the Tourism Industry: Towards a Digital Transformation

The tourism industry is a complex network that spans various domains and industries, establishing synergies with cultural heritage, transportation, media, and smart communities. This blog post aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the transversality of the tourism industry, as explored by the DATES (Digital Europe) project. The project focuses on establishing a secure and trusted tourism data space to ensure transparent control of data access, use, and re-use.

Heterogeneity and Convergence in the Tourism Industry

Heterogeneity and convergence are two terms often discussed in relation to the tourism industry’s interdisciplinary nature. Heterogeneity refers to the diversity of components within the system, while convergence denotes their merging into a unified entity. Heterogeneous systems consist of diverse parts that may or may not operate in unison, while convergent systems become more integrated and similar over time. In the tourism sector, there exists both heterogeneity, due to the variety of tourism products, and convergence, driven by technological advancements and the demand for sustainable practices.

Tourism as an Integral Part of the European Economy and Data Economy

The tourism industry is undergoing rapid transformation, driven by advancements, personalized experiences, and sustainability concerns. Interconnections among various sectors are crucial for its sustainable development. The transversality of the tourism industry establishes synergies with cultural heritage, transportation, skills, media, and smart communities, ensuring a seamless tourist experience. The DATES project focuses on developing a secure and trusted tourism data space, emphasizing transparent control of data access, usage, and re-usage. Additionally, the project emphasizes the importance of data governance and business models in the digital transformation of the European tourism industry.

Developing Data Governance and Business Models for the Digital Transformation of the European Tourism Industry

The European tourism industry is experiencing profound changes and generating massive amounts of data. It is vital for tourism professionals, digital private organizations, government entities, academia, and research institutions to stay informed about ongoing developments. Proper data governance guarantees data privacy, security, and transparency. It also ensures GDPR-compliant dynamic data interchange, considering the transversality of the tourism industry.

The significance of interconnectedness and convergence in creating a sustainable and integrated tourist experience highlights the importance of the DATES project. Establishing the European Data Space for Tourism is crucial for the digital transformation of the European tourism industry. By focusing on transparent data control, data governance, and business models, the project aims to propel the industry towards a digitally-driven future.