Tourism 4.0

Digital innovation hub - Tourism 4.0

we support tourism entities on their path to digitization

Test first, then invest

We enable SMEs and institutions to test technologies before they decide to invest in ready-made solutions, we support the development of knowledge about new technologies, we check the digital readiness of companies and institutions, we design conceptual solutions.

Support for investment in technology

We help with the preparation of financial models and search for financial resources for the implementation of pilot projects - cascade financing, EU financing, or finding investors.

Innovation ecosystem and network of partners

Inspirational networking and technology brokering - we work with other DIHs at the national and European level.

Skills and knowledge

We offer regular seminars and individual training and consulting in the field of digitization and tourism

DIH Tourism 4.0

The idea of Digital Innovation Hubs arose within the long-term development of the concept of smart specialization and policy development of a unified digital Europe. As a tool, it should enable institutions and SMEs in particular to respond to the rapid onset of digitization within Industry 4.0. Gradually, this concept expanded to the so-called SMART EVERYTHING. The Czech national strategy of the CfF also counts on DIHs.

DIH T4.0 is a non-profit entity that was established with the aim of applying digital technologies in the field of tourism and co-creating the strategy of Tourism 4.0. One of the goals of DIH T4.0 is to create smart alliances of professional institutions and companies, state administration and companies with special regard to SMEs, in order to get acquainted with new technologies, try them out in practice and then make informed decisions about their implementation.

Service offer

Public sector

Private sector