Tourism 4.0


The Call for Proposals for tourism SMEs aimed for the support of tourism SMEs by improving their digital maturity, skills, and capacities. The DIGITOUR call for proposals aims to:

  • support tourism SMEs through the promotion of up-skilling, capacity building and collaboration;
  • foster cooperation among tourism SMEs and digital ecosystem’s players;
  • provide ongoing mentoring and tutoring support to the awarded SMEs;
  • foster networking at the European level by offering SMEs access to international collaboration platforms and networks.


The total budget is 480.000,00 euros. The amount of 100.000,00 euros for Voucher 1 and 380.000,00 for Voucher 2.


Open date: 01.10.2022 (12:00, CET)

Deadline date for Voucher 1: 31.03.2023 (23:59, CET). Extended date: 31.05.2023 (23:59, CET)

Deadline date for Voucher 2: 30.11.2022 (23:59, CET). Extended date: 09.01.2023 (23:59, CET)



The DIGITOUR project aims to support the tourism sector, by enhancing SMEs’ knowledge of digital tools and by boosting innovative ideas for digital solutions by SMEs to improve their offer and foster cross-sectoral and cross-border partnerships among tourism sector SMEs, relevant stakeholders and technology.

The following opportunities are available:

Voucher 1

  • 1000 euros
  • Evaluation period: one month
  • Projects’ duration: 5 months. The activities shall be concluded by the 31.10.2023

Voucher 2

  • 20000 euros
  • Evaluation period’s deadline: 20.01.2023
  • Projects’ duration: 11 months. The activities shall be concluded by the 30.11.2023

By applying to this call tourism SMEs have the opportunity to receive funds to implement innovation and digitisation projects.

In fact, it is an opportunity for tourism SMEs to improve their digital skills and the digitalisation’s maturity level through training and individual advisory services (Aim of Voucher 1); and it is also an opportunity for tourism SMEs to boost innovative ideas for digital solutions by improving their offer of products and services and their management, marketing, and promotion in novel and sustainable ways, adapting to the new challenges of the tourism sector (aim of Voucher 2).

Who can apply​

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) of the tourism sector can apply to receive financial and non- financial support. Companies shall meet the following criteria to be eligible:

  • Having an economic activity related to the tourism sector:
    • I5510: Hotels and similar accommodation
    • I5520: Holiday and other short-stay accommodation
    • I5530: Camping grounds, recreational vehicle parks and trailer parks
    • N79: Travel agency, tour operator and other reservation service and related activities
  • Being established for at least two financial years to be proved through the Company Registration Report;
  • Being a small- or medium-sized enterprise (SME), according to the EU recommendation 2003/361;
  • Being established in an EU Member State or third country participating in the COSME programme.

Voucher 1

Single tourism SMEs with low digital maturity level, established in one of the countries, participating in the COSME programme.

Voucher 2

Tourism SMEs. Consortia must be made up of a minimum of 2 tourism SMEs partners and a maximum of 5 tourism SMEs. Consortia must be composed by tourism SMEs that conform with the NACE Codes identified in Part II (Page 4) of this Call. Project coordinators (i.e., applicants) have to be based in one of the DIGITOUR partner countries (Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Serbia, Spain); however, they can involve in their partnership organizations established in any EU Member State or third-country participating in the COSME programme. Awarded SMEs will select and pay for specific training and advisory services offered by technology providers listed on the DIGITOUR platform (https://digitour-

How to apply​

The application form will be available on the following website:

You can find a copy of the application form in the attached document. The application form shall be signed by the Legal Representative of your entity and submitted by e-mail at:

For more information about the project please visit:​